Family name: Cordero; Spanish, meaning: a young lamb. 


I grew up in San Diego to Mexican immigrant parents. When we weren’t in church- you could find my dad coaching us on the baseball field after his early mornings in construction. Coming from a family of builders our home was always under construction. The TV/living room was a fond memory where as a family we sat and watched movies together with the new surround sound alongside the new kitchen where my mom would cook up the best dinner’s. 


The Cordero household was built on grit and resilience. Today the same determination that built me has also inspired me to share those qualities with you through hand crafted, Americana inspired apparel made for the dreamers and builders. We use and source the best materials and brands that I grew up wearing adding hand made elements to bring the past to present with a vintage look and feel. 


My name is Danny Cordero and I am the Founder @ the Mighty Lamb, a mighty product.


We are a family.

Our product is simple.

The message is mighty. 

The standing lamb symbol: a family of champions.